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We are a group of Singaporeans who enjoy the sports and the great outdoors. Like most Singaporeans, most of us are kept busy most of our days with our work life. However the love for sports and adventure made sure we kept a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We provide personalized coaching and the all important progression program to get you started towards a healthier lifestyle.


We know the feeling of spending hours, days, months, years at the office. Chasing for that lifestyle, the status and the money but it never seem enough.

If your life seem to revolve around the office, handphone and some "fake" friends. Then join us, call us. Start changing the way you live your life, join us for sports, travel and adventures. 

Are you ready to slow down, enjoy the rewards of life and make that switch living an alternative lifestyle?

All activities involve equipment and being properly equipped can mean a lot to your enjoyment. The correct equipment will provide you with lots of enjoyment, comfort and prevent activity related injury. We try to review some of the equipment we use to give you some idea why we choose to use them.